About the Artist | Ari Simphoukham


My name is Ari. I’m a visual story teller and a wedding photographer currently based in San Luis Obispo, Ca.


As an artist and a photographer, my goal is to create images that are different and mind blowing. As a wedding photographer, my goal is to capture the story of your wedding day. I want to create images that reflects what you’re feeling during all the emotional peeks at your wedding. I believe that the most powerful images happen when they are captured unscripted and unforced. Everything is documented as they unfold through out the day as if I were a reporter covering the news. Since you’re here, please feel free to browse around my portfolio site and check out my latest work on the blog.  If my photos speak to you and make you feel something as you’re looking through them, then I look forward to hear from you!


Some random facts about myself:

I have an obsession with hats. I love em’!  I have a pretty nice collection of different hats.


I have a shih tzu named Azor. In case you’re wondering what his name means, Azor is a pharmaceutical medication used to lower high blood pressure. Yes, we named him after a drug! I love my dog!