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When Katie first contacted me about photographing her wedding in San Luis Obispo, one of the things she noted was that it will be a very untraditional wedding. I had no idea. When I arrived to document the wedding at Montana de Oro, the learned that the bride and groom had camped out at the reception site the day before the wedding. They had also planned to camp out again with their guest right after the wedding. I loved it. I loved the fact that the importance of their wedding day was based on spending time and celebrating with their loved ones instead of worrying impressing their guest with pretty details. I really enjoyed spending the day with Katie and Greg and their group of friends. They had their ceremony on the bluff of the cliff over looking the ocean with their baby boy in one arm and with their family looking on with support. Here are a few highlights from my day with them.

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I find this image funny because while I was photographing the groom, he started to get some work done. I started to take pictures of him on his laptop and he turned to me and said, “If Katie sees me working on my wedding day she’s going to kill me.” A few minutes later, this shirt appears. The universe finding it’s way to tell us things.Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0002Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0003Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0004Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0005Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0007Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0012Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0008Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0010Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0013

Still getting use to the new hardware on their fingers. Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0014Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0015

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There cake cutting and exchange by the fire pit. Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0028

In true camping fashion, there were no lights with the exception of the light coming from the fire place. It was so dark that a camping head light was needed to see while cutting the cake. Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0029Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0030

Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0031Loving hugs from Katie’s mom before she heads home using the tables solar LED light. Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0032Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer_0035Montana de Oro Wedding Photographer

Towards the end of the night. Greg carrying his bride.
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