Vegas Adventures With Ed Pingol

On Labor Day weekend, my friend, Ed Pingol flew me down to Las Vegas to help him shoot two engagements and a wedding. How cool is that?!? When Ed called me to ask if I was available, I looked at my calendar and quickly cleared whatever I had planned for that weekend. I gave up going to the Mos Def x Erykah Badu concert to hang out with the amazing Ed Pingol. It was so worth it. I had a blast spending the whole weekend cracking jokes and talking photography with Mr. Lightstick himself. We found ourselves spending as much time searching Vegas for places to eat as taking pictures. This is why I love being a photographer–we eat the best food. I swear we could have our own show on the Food Network Channel. We’ll call it… “Food Adventures with the World’s Best Wedding Photographers.” I can be the judge tasting all the food. 😀

Aside from our food adventures, we had a great time photographing Ed’s awesome clients. Las Vegas is great for engagement sessions and weddings because the resorts there provided plenty of beautiful landscapes and architecture to use as backdrops. Combined with Ari’s 😛 and Ed’s artistic eye, the possibilities for amazing photographs are endless! Be sure to visit Ed Pingol’s Blog to see his unique and incredible work.

Through out the weekend, I had my iPhone in hand to shoot some really random videos. Here’s a video I quickly threw together from the clips I filmed:

“Pretty eyes”

Because random pictures are always fun, here’s a few iPhone snaps:
Doing the craziest wedding dress photo ever-
Breakfast before the wedding @ Board House
Filipino Food @ Salo Sala Grill.
Lunch – fried seafood
Gearing up @ the airport.
Get in my belly!!!

I had a great time hanging out with you Ed. I learned a lot from you and I think I became a better photographer after that weekend. Thank you for being such a great mentor and friend. Congratulations to you and Monica on your beautiful baby girl!


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