Jason >Q< Tran | Bridal Shoot | Los Angeles, CA

There is no doubt in my mind that Jason Q Tran is one of the top wedding photographers out there right now. If not top ten in the country, then for sure top ten in Southern California.  What I like about Jason is his pure skills.  He doesn’t resort to marketing schemes to be sucessful, just raw talent and hard work.  In addition to being such a brilliant photographer, Jason is one of the realest/down to earth dudes I know. I am proud to be able to call him a friend.   This guy is going to be my photographer when I get married. Yes, he’s THAT good.

One day, he called me randomly to ask if I would like to help him out on a project he was doing for a bridal catalog. Of course, being that he IS my hero after all, I excitedly said yes.  Throughout the day, I had my iPhone handy to record some video.  We had two models to showcase the various wedding dresses that we had.  We took up our equipment to set up shop on top of a random rooftop where we started to collect a few spectators from the streets.  Pretty awesome.

Here’s the video that I quickly threw together:

Please visit Jason Q Tran’s blog for the photos taken that day.

It was great hanging out with you Jason. Thanks for having me around!


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  • a session with jqt?! impressive! nice vid too. between him and greg bumatay, you mad connected homie!ReplyCancel