Tanya x Maternity || San Diego, CA

About seven months ago, my phone starts to ring. I let it play for a little bit longer as I start jam’n to my ring tone. It was one of my past brides, Tanya, calling to tell me the good news. She was having a baby! I remember my eyes widening up and jaw dropping before saying my congrats. This was nearly the same reaction I got when I first found out that Tanya was going to marry Ivan, one of my best friends from college. Man, was I excited for them.
I remember being there when these two met for the very first time at UC Davis in front of Shield’s Library. Nodding towards Tanya, I whispered to Ivan, “Aye buey, handle it.” And “handle it” he sure did. They spent the next five years together and now they are expecting a baby girl next month! I’m a little taken in by all of this because it still feels like just yesterday that they got married. Their wedding was held in Tijuana, Mexico where all their closest friends and relatives were able to celebrate their special day. I could not have been more grateful to Tanya and Ivan for flying me down to photograph and be a part of their wedding. It was one of the best experiences of my life.
Yesterday, I drove to San Diego to photograph Tanya’s tummy. We went to one of the beaches in San Diego. I was expecting her to move like a turtle with her big belly in the sand, but wow did she prove me wrong! Tanya, you’re a soldier!
One of these will hopefully be put on a huge gallery wrap:
Tanya’s beautiful dress was actually made by her mom.

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