Jennifer x Peter | Engagement | Happily Ever in Disneyland

My big bro is getting married!!!  Congtulations to Jenn and Peter B aka PB&J.  🙂

I was planing to write a little about their love story and how it all happened, but Jenn beat me to it.  So here’s a piece from Jen’s blog in her own words on how the propoal went down:

The Proposal…

So after almost 2 yrs of officially being PB&j, we ended up going to Disneyland (our happiest place on Earth) for my 26th birthday. Peter was totally acting weird the entire day, spacing out, and eating everything in sight. We were enjoyng our Disney’s Grand Californian Villa, eating turkey legs and Dole whips, taking pictures and just enjoying our day. We ended up having dinner at the Blue Bayou restaurant, where during the dinner Peter borrowed my phone, typed something into it, handed it back to me while saying “you can’t look at your phone for the next hour”. That’s when I was thinking “What the hell is he doing”.

After dinner Peter said he needed to go to the bathroom, so I waited for him outside. I was waiting for around 15min and started to wonder “what is he doing in there? Stomach problems?? LOL” Then I got a phone call from him, but instead of his Peter B named popping up on my phone it now had the caller ID of “Fauchon Frog”. The call dropped and I was starting to get confused thinking “why did he change his name in my phone and why is he calling me from the bathroom???” I noticed after the call failed that I had a new text mssg. I didn’t think anything of it, since I had been getting bday texts all day, PLUS he said not to look through my phone for an hr. He called back again and just said “open your text mssg”. I opened it and it read “Ribbit Ribbit, meet me at the Court of Angels”. This was a small secluded courtyard next to Club 33/Blue Bayou with a beautiful staircase, lots of pretty flowers and a fountain. Getting even more confused I follwed the instructions

Once I got to the Court of Angels all I saw was a random couple, who I’ve never met before standing there staring at me. Once they saw me they pointed me over to the fountain which was lit up with a lily pad and a dmall stuffed frog prince floating on it. On the frog was a note that said something along the lines of “I’ve traveled past the wishing well and castle, looked under the stars at Space mountain and licked dole whips in adventureland and now i’ve arrived here at the court of Angels to make you wish come true and grant you your happily ever after” At this moment I though to myself “OMG, he’s going to make me go on a freaking treasure hunt around Disneyland?!?!?”

This is when I heard someone call my name from the top of the staircase. As I walked up the stairs, Peter appeared, met me halfway and got down on one knee. I just started crying and saying OMG! I don’t remember much of what he said since I was still uber confused about what was going on, then he pulled out the ring box which looked like a tiny PB&j sandwhich. He said that “this was the moment we’ve been waiting for, and I love you, will you be my PB&j??”

What’s funny is that during all of this, he was so nervous that he forgot to say the actual words “will you marry me”, so he remembered right after and ask, and of course, I said YES!

Happily Ever After…

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